Fleshgrind - The Seeds of Abysmal Torment

Your flesh will surely grind with this release of the band from 1993. The second album is faster and more chaotic thean their debut “Destined for Defilement”. Brutality is a simple statement for this album. Maximum brutality should fit better. If you don’t listen to this one you should be ashamed!


The Traceelords - Sex, Money, Rock'n'Roll

The debut album from the German party band The Traceelords. The girl on the cover is def not the real Tracy but it is all about sex. On this CD you will hear 13 songs in heavy rock'n'roll way. Heavy ones like the opening song, F**cking grow up. Slowers with See you when I see you and My kinda girl. Including two great covers, one from Boney-M (!!)...


The Project Hate - When We Are Done, Your Flesh Will Be Ours

Second album by Kenth Philipson, the multi instrumentalist. It is not a project but with two vocalist, Jörgen Sandström (ex Entombed and Grave) and Mia Stahl, it is a real band feeling. Ten tracks of brutal gothic death. Great song structures with two different voices, tempo changes. An album with a great impact and a good production by Miesko Tala...


Impetigo - All We Need Is Cheez

A live concert from 1987. 1987? Yes it is taken from a cassette tape and this gives limitations as you can hear. But it is released only for the true Impetigo maniacs. In spite of the quality you get a good impression of a Impetigo gig way back for a small audience, a lot of fun and energy. Listen to the Mr. Ed song, Creditors Retribution and Harbr...


Antithesis - Dying For Life

Dying For Life is their second album. Their debut was released on Lance King's Nightmare Records and it helped the band a lot. Antithesis plays refreshing old school US metal in the vein of Fates Warning, Hades, Armored Saint. You can hear they all have a lot of musical experience. Great guitar leads in the songs and well built climax. Variety on t...


PTAO / 7 Minutes of Nausea - Split

Another Split Cd from Bizarre Leprous Production. This time a 3" MCD. PTAO plays a total improvised song. Never know what to expect but one big mass of noise. Don't take this serious if you see the bandmembers names: Saddam Hussein, Charles Manson. 7MON comes from Germay and these are recordings from 1993 or so. Old ones as you can hear on th...


Comeback Of Goregods - Tribute To Regurgitate

At last a tribute to Regurgitate. In this comp. you hear 47 bands covering one of the gore master bands. Not only unknown bands but also big names as BRS, CSSO, Disgorge, Haemorrhage and LDOH. If you are familiar with Regurgitate you gonna like this one. Not all songs are of good quality but that is minor. [embed]https://youtu.be/sJJwYE9Oe1I[...