Aendria - The Saturnine Daughter

This is a demo MCD from a guy named Yanik. He forms this one man band and so is playing all the instruments and vocals. And I must say he is doing a nice job. On this MCD there are five songs and a ghost song. All showing a kind of elektro dark metal. The first two songs are short in time and expected to be longer running. The tracks show a variety...


Obscene - Extreme 2001

Another release from Obscene with a really obscene cover artwork. Obscene organizes every year an extreme festival in the Czech Republic. And every year there comes a compilation CD on the market with lots of extreme bands. If I give you names like Inhume, Fleshless, Ingrowing, Isacaarum, Sanatorium, Utopie and Cripple Bastards you know enough. All...


Hirax - Barrage Of Noise

Fuck you, you crossover wannabees! Hirax (yes the legendary Hirax) is back on the streets with their fifth release. Most brutal songs in their existence. They play better and more mature than on "Raging Violence" (although that was a classic LP). Listen to on eof their best songs ever and my fav of this album "Walk with Death". Mighty double bass l...


Satans Penguins - Birds of Darkness

What kind of a name is this? Is satanism infiltrated among these fluffy creatures? It is hard to take this band serious when you also read the lyrics of influences by Batman, the Smurfs and Penguins. But according their bio they are serious only having a different kind of perspective of the reality. Well, they play some kind of BM aggressive par...


Blessed In Sin - Par Le Sang Du Christ (Opus Luciferi)

This is the second album from one of the oldest BM bands in France. Hailing from 1993 they released 3 demos, the first album "Melancholia" and now their new one "Par Le Sang..". An album full of dark, strong and facinating songs. A lot of variation in the songs, fast parts that are interrupted but slow mystical spheres. Some lyrics are in French to...


CIAFF - The Southern Command Of Violence

Italy not only known from Pizza and Mobsters but now a point on the map for brutal maniacs CIAFF. A mixture of brutal death, hardcore and extreme hip hop. CIAFF delivers highly structured crossover songs that makes you jump, slam, sing along etc. Including a cover from Blur! Enrico (from the brutal core band Undertakers) is doing the vocals, Butch...


Zorn - Schwarz Metall

Not an original album title but it gives you an idea of what to expect. An ear assault with fast drumming, infernal vocals, venomous guitar leads, aggression in the vein of Beherit, Darkthrone and old Gogoroth. Zorn is a german band with german lyrics. Some members also have other projects running but Zorn is a serious band where they all can spew...


Gory Blister - Brand New Promo

Like the title says it is a brand new promo with three songs. After their MCD "Cognitive Sinergy" and their full length "Art Bleeds" this is a continuing progression of their medolic technical death attack. A little in the style of Death but not a copy! Not strange that they supported Death in their country Italy. These three songs show that Gory B...


Manipulated Slaves - The Legendary Black Jade

From the land of the rising sun comes Manipulated Slaves. Being around since 1994 they play aggressive melodic metal in the vein of the 80's. With guest vocals of Johan Liiva (ex Arch Enemy). This is their second album with 9 tracks of melodic extreme metal with great guitar leads, double bass pounding and clear vocals. If you like the 80's metal w...


Melechesh - As Jerusalem Burns Al'Intisar

This is the first release from Melechesh originally released in 1996 but now released as a digipack with two bonus tracks and a CDROM track. When you know their second hymn Djinn you know what to expect only more primitive. Melechesh plays BM with influences from the old stories of Mesopotamia. Technical furious BM with a lot af variety in the song...


Jeel - As Morning Turns To Day

Maybe the name JEEL does not ring a bell but when you knwo that the started out as JegErEnLampe you now know where the name comes from. Having their debut "Dying Dreams" I kow what to expect only this album is more mature. Death Metal in an intense and raw energy, mostly mid tempo with 2 fast track (and my favs). Jeel is a band that can climb the s...


Morbid Savouring - Autopsy Lust

The first release of the Spanish label Motorsierra. And what of a release. This is 22 minutes of catchy old school gore grind. The began as a funny noiseband but developed as a gore grind band. The play in the vein of Impetigo, Regurgitate. That is the reason they appear on both tribute CDs of these two bands. The songs are interrupted with spoken...


Typhoid - Ruptured Self Control

Pure brutal sickness! Although this is a release from 1999 it still is very heavy and brutal. This is a release I still play a lot of the intense hammering and deep vocals. Great emphasis on the guitar sound. A must have for sure. I also got a 2001 promo containing 5 tracks and shwing what the band is doing now. Well I can tell you that things a...


Funebris - Triumph Of The Everlasting Fire

Here is the debut CD from the uncompromising BM band from Germany. After a few demos, which made a path in the underground, it is time to spread their aggression to a bigger audience. Nine tracks of raw, rough, satanic, war that are pounding and tormenting your black head. Forget keyboards and make yourself up for the bavarian war.


Nomed - Promotional Demo 2001

A new CD Demo from this French metal thrashers. Slightly different from the older material, more techical, variety. So I would say it is better. Fast songs opening the CD and have a restpoint with the third song “Metal Quest”. But after that they go ahead again. If you like the 8o thrash metal in a modern style you got to check them out.