Reviews written by: AndyChristos


Osmed - Territory Of Warfare

Formed back in 2009 and with only an EP of 2015 and a promo of 2017, it was about time for those breakers from Indonesia to release their first full length "Territory Of Warfare". Osmed take their extremity to the path of brutal death metal combined with large doses of slam. To some ears it might sound the other way round but I think that although...


Carthage - Punic Wars

Relentless and ferocious brutal death metal delivered straight from the birthplace of the Olympian Gods, Democracy and GYROS. Yep... you guessed right. Carthage is a newly formed band in Thessaloniki/Greece, formed by members serving also in Cease Of Breeding and Deuteronomy, expressing their musical endeavors through fierce brutal death metal....


Defecal Of Gerbe - Mothershit

Goregrind with tons of brutal death metal outbursts is what these splendid gentlemen from France have to offer for 2019. "Mothershit" is the first full length of Defecal Of Gerbe and it is a really disgusting and worth puking while listening to it, effort. In a more free translation, this means AWESOME. Defecal Of Gerbe play noise that does not...


Meatknife - Junky Town

Since 1995 they've released 6 full lengths and a couple of split CDs and maybe even more shit that I miss right now. I won't lie. This 7th full length "Junky Town" of Meatknife is my first encounter with the Germans. Brutal death metal meets porno grind, meets whatever the hell craziness they come up with, every time. Not the best shit I've heard s...


Lividity - Perverseverance

Ok you hogs... Take a big breath and let’s sink into this for a while. Hmm… Let’s see what we’ve got... Razor sharp death metal riffs combined with a fat and heavy bass guitar. Sick and relentless drum beats throughout the entire album and some of the most wicked and mentally unstable dual death metal vocals you’ll ever hear. Yep... Lividity is bac...


My Minds Mine - Passengers Of The Void

My Minds Mine been in the scene since 1995 and having released two full lengths and 4 split CDs up until 2002 serving the grind noise properly, makes it a really awesome surprise to see them back in action. "Passengers Of The Void" is their new, third full length since 2002 and I can say I am utterly surprised by the freshness it reeks. Relentless...