Reviews written by: Hijo del Dolor


Depression - Die Dunkle Dimension

"Die Dunkle Dimension" is the new release from the veteran German band Depression, who choose Splatter Zombie Records to release their fourth studio's full length, and the first since 2010. This album contains nineteen new songs including a Disrupt cover ('A Life's A Life') and six songs taken from the "Ein Hauch Von Moder" EP from 1996 as bonus...


GAF - Gore 'n' Feast

GAF is a finnish band that begins in 2007 playing grindcore/goregrind with influences of bands like Regurgitate, as you can listen in their album debut called "Mongofied" (2008), but their sound turned more into grindcore/death metal with touches of goregrind in their second album called "Cultivate Disdain" (2010). Five years after of this relea...


Whourkr - 4247 Snare Drums

This is the third album of Igorrr's band WHOURKR and the first of the band with the incorporation of Mulk (member of Mulk and Sedative) and the result of mix this two personalities is a brutal album full of metal and electronic. What kind of music offers WHOURKR? mmmm... Breakcore?, Experimental grindcore?, Electronic and madness? imagine an album...


Human Mincer - Degradation Paradox

Brutal Bands signs a lot of the best bands of the world to bring to the people who love brutality the best extreme music of the underground, and Human Mincer is one of these bands, of course. "Degradation paradox" its compound of eight tracks of brutal death metal made in Spain to compete with heavy weight bands of the extreme music like Devourment...