Reviews written by: Iakhos


Demon Squad - The Scourge

Nice stuff from these Belgian guys, who started playing in 2004. After 4 years of rehearsing, live shows and many line-up changes, Demon Squad is now complete and they deliver us their 1st self-financed MCD called “the Scourge”. Now this MCD is a pure Thrash Metal Assault right into your fucking face!!!!!! Their songs are catchy, full of hellish...


Commander - The Enemies We Create

Commander comes from Germany and they’ve been around since 1999. For 7 years they’d been working on their music and tried to make their name known by supporting live bands like: Six Feet Under, Dew-scented & Equilibrium. Finally they release their 1st full-length “Worlds destructive domination” in 2006. Now, the album I have in my hands, is...