Reviews written by: Ian Rache Nor


Navalm - Cursed Land

Three years after the release of "Beyond The Reality", Navalm is back in force with its eighth album "Cursed Land". So if this seems obvious to me, and that I appreciate the band, I totally can understand the disappointment of possible fans due to the band's lack of visibility : not present on social networks, no appearances on Western stages, very...


Phallosopher - [I]

What do you say to me? Jesse Heikkinen, guitarist of Hexvessel released an album solo? Better known for his psychedelic musical contribution, Jesse H. embarks us to a black death metal trip, which is called Phallosopher (no joke please) and an album titled "[I]". As we know the deep addiction of all Finnish guy for music and especially for death...


Betrayal - Disorder Remains

A country: Germany, a city: Aschaffenburg, a band: Betrayal (not to be confused with the British namesake), a style or rather a basic style: Death Metal where various influences are combined. In the hometown of Felix Magath, two-time finalist of the football world cup, the band founded in 2005 has so far awarded us with two EPs and an LP: "Infinite...


Ephemerald - Between In The Glimpses Of Hope

In the land of the 1000 lakes, metal is king! This crown, although set with multiple jewels, includes a newcomer: Ephemerald. It is certainly a new gem to be added to the Finnish national crown. They are a Finnish melodic symphonic death metal band formed in 2016. "Between In The Glimpses Of Hope" is their first release. The combined forces of curr...