Reviews written by: Manos Michaelides


Ad Patres - A Brief Introduction To Human Experiments

Almost 7 years after <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">"Scorn Aesthetics" (2012)</a> this is Ad Patres from France 2nd full length album. Released in a limited edition of 500 digipak CDs and 262 copies limited edition 12" LP. The album was recorded and produced at their guitarist's Pie...


Gnosis - The Offering Of Seven

Formed in 2013, Gnosis drew attention in the underground with their debut "The Third-Eye Gate" that was released from Nuclear War Now Prod. in 2015 in both vinyl and CD. 3 years later the Italian label Terror From Hell Records releases their new album in CD format. Emerging from Miami, Florida, Gnosis are far from death metal Florida is well known...


Abysmal Torment - The Misanthrope

Abysmal Torment from Malta is a brutal death metal machine already known in the global underground. "The Misanthrope" is their 4th full length album, 4 years after "Cultivate The Apostate". The cover artwork of the album is an edited photo of a rather confused and disappointed old man's face with the band's logo stamped in red on his forehead. C...