Reviews written by: michael


Corpsefucking Art - Splatterphobia

Italy’s Corpsefucking Art return with a monstrosity of a release entitled “Splatterphobia”. This band can be considered one of the sickest bands in the genre of brutal death metal. The riffs are a more grinding version of what bands were doing in the mid to late 90’s with an ever so slight technical edge. Compared to the bands <a href="https://brut...


Valdur - Goat Of Iniquity

Valdur’s “Goat Of Iniquity”, is the follow up to last year’s “<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Divine Cessation</a>” and the band seemingly pick right up where they left off with the last album. The elements and vibes of this album wrap themselves up in each other for a listening experien...